Struggling to share media from second user account


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Hi folks,

I'm having a bit of bother sharing files & media from my girlfriends account on our laptop to my 360 & PS3. My account on the same laptop works fine.

We have a desktop too, and both have user accounts on that. Regardless of what I'm streaming to, the receiving device "sees" both accounts on the desktop, and mine on the laptop. The missus' account doesn't show up at all.

I've tried reconnecting to the devices, re-added the files in Media Player, etc. etc. but to no avail. I've got a feeling I'm missing something simple, but I'd be much obliged if someone would point it out to me :D

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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I take it you're talking about 2 login accounts on 1 computer. If I was at home I'd check this before posting but I'm not so here goes. Are you the sort of person that updates on a regular basis and your missus the type that just gets on with whatever is in front of her? I know that you need windows media player 11 to act as a media server, check that your wifes account is using media player 11 not 10.

I have shared things with my PS3 from a PC, and I also know that if one file in the folder is not supported, then it will throw up a network error and not copy anything.

Hope this helps, Mick.


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Hi Mick,

Thanks for having a go :thumbsup:

Both accounts are fully up to date though. Whenever anything "technical" (as she puts it!) pops up on the computer she just hands me it.

Everything seems to be set up the same for both users, but the PS3/360 find only my account.

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