Struggling to find a mains extension lead


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I need an individually switched extension lead/trailing socket that is 10 metres long and either 4 or 6 gang (6 being preferable).

The only place I can find one is eBay and I'm concerned about possibly buying a dodgy import and potential safety issues.

Why is this kind of spec so hard to find? Do reputable brands not do this length with switches? If not, why not?

Anyone know where I could source a decent quality one?

Joe Fernand

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RS Components, CPC, City Electrical - you may find what you want as a pre made assembly, as a build it yourself set of components or available as a Special Order assembly!



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..... but there's probably a UK safety standard against such a long 6 gang which may be why you can't find one anywhere.

I did wonder if there was something that prohibited this.

I bought a 10M 4G unswitched version in Argos the other day but I can't find a switched version (even of the 4G) for the life of me.

I'd be concerned about making my own in case there is some sort of safety issue that I don't know about, but then why would just having switches make a difference?

Joe, I tried the sites you linked to with no luck, I might give them a call shortly to see if they can advise.

Cheers guys.

Joe Fernand

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The only thing is the ones from Mark Grant will not be switched as they (Switches) are not recommended for such applications as they are intended for.

10m seems a long way without a socket in the area, maybe it's why such a long length cable isn't made as 'usually' there isn't a need for such a size from the residential suppliers.

I can't see anything wrong with making your own up but maybe an electritian will pop in to clarify the regs (If any).

I know B&Q do a 6 gang switched one but not 10m long.
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I have actually bought from Mark Grant before. I had a look on the site but there's nothing there and I suspect it would be too pricey anyway.

I phoned round a few suppliers, no-one deals with 10M 4or 6G switched leads.

I called the Masterplug technical number who tell me there is an unspoken industry wide thing that means they generally agree 10M is on the too lengthy side and they usually stick to up to 5 or 6 m or less for 4 or 6G

They do a 6G switched socket without cable so I could wire my own and the bloke reckons there is no reg or safety rule that states you can't or shouldn't do this. He said there might be a slight power drain at that length so best to use minimum of 1.25mm cable rather than 1mm stuff but he didn't think it would be too much of an issue.

Just need to find a seller now.


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In case it helps anyone else in future, I found these....

6G Trailing Socket Individually Switched with Neon (British General)

6G Trailing Socket (One Switch) Fused / With Neon (Masterplug Brand)

Masterplug SWFG6W 13A 6-Gang Trailing Socket with Switch/ Neon/ Replaceable Fuse: DIY & Tools

B&Q do 10M of 1.5mm flex suitable for extension leads

Just need to decide which to opt for now. Never heard of British General but I assume they will have to adhere to the same standards so should be ok?

I'd have preferred an Mk version tbh but can't find one.


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Radio Spares do a good quality 6 way extension block (I have one) but I've changed the lead on mine and I don't know how long it was originally.

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