Struggling to find a good camera & music phone...


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Im quite picky about phones.. and after spending 4 years on 4x 11 month free cashback deals, have decided its time for a decent phone...

Im really struggling between the SE c905 & Nokia N85/86...

I dont want a camera that doesnt have a lense cover... it rally annoys me that some phones have hi spec lenses, yet nothing to protect them... I would say about 80% of them dont have a lense cover!!!

Ive ruled out any Samsung, as Ive had friends who have had many, and battery life is absolutely shocking on all I have seen... I charge mi K800i up about twice a week...

Ive had a Vario II Windows Mobile, but was a bit too chunky, and poor camera...

Need a good screen, and a keyboard... cant stand touchscreen use only phones... too frustrating... Will be using internet occasionally for uploading photos and video to facebook, youtube, blogs etc... wifit would be nice, but not essential...

Needs to have great sound quality and at least 5mp camera.. high mp does not always guarantee great pic quality... and good battery life...

Not asking for much really...!!


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You are in a great position to pick any phone that you want. There are so many great phones out now your choices are basically endless. I would take a look at the brand new HTC Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2 running windows mobile. These are top of the line phones and they have the latest version of windows mobile which is fantastic.


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The C905 is a totally awesome phone that covers what you need but the the video uploading will be a bit restrictive as it's a feature phone. It also suffers from some reliability faults, but my mate has had his earphone fixed and still loves it. The camera particularly.

However, I would take a look at the Nokia's with xenon flash, they take very good pictures and play music fine but as they are smart phones they may also offer you an easier way to upload pics. The C905 also has to have an adapter to use 3.5mm headphones, Nokia's mostly don't these day's. If your a face book addict then take a look at the N97. It lacks a xenon flash but has the usual Nokia Karl Zeis lens and 5mpx snapper the same as the N85 plus has a full touch screen and flip out qwerty keyboard, it also has widgets support so you can have a Facebook and You Tube widget on the front screen you access with a touch.
The reviews say it's not a perfect device but I guess it depends how addicted to YT and FB you are? :D
Otherwise the N86 cause it's newer?

It is a tough one, the C905 is an awesome device, just has reliability issues, but if your going to blog a lot, then the N97 may be better cause of it's keyboard?

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