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I'm wanting to change my monitor, I currently have a LG M203WA 20" Monitor + Analogue TV which has been fine but i want to update it.

There are 3 major models i've been looking into and can't decide between them so would like some help.

I use the screen primarily for a PC Monitor but also use the TV occasionally (maybe once or twice a week). I quite often use that in PIP mode so i want that. I also have an Xbox360 and a Wii which are both used on there too.

The 3 models ive been looking at are :


Cheapest out the lot at about £250, has enough connections on the back as it has VGA, HDMI, and Component which i all need for the 3 things i'm attaching. Major concerns are the well publicised poor sound although i use my hifi for everything other than the tv so might not be a huge issue. It does also have the lowest contrast at 3000:1, i may also need a composite input which i cant seem to find out if it does have that aswell. Finally this model doesn't seem to have a PIP mode which is an issue, is that correct?

LG 22LG3000

Looks to be about £300. Seems to be the new replacement for the above and is not out till June from what i can tell so information is scarce. Although still seems to have the connections i need and has a much better 15000:1 contrast ratio. Don't know if it's still plagued with the poor sound quality, has anyone seen any info on this? And again no clue whether it can do PIP.

Samsung SM-T220HD

Priced about £340 so a fair amount more than the other two but is it worth it? Again a newish model that has a good contrast at 10000:1, i'd imagine it has much better sound quality and again has the connections i need bar the composite which im not sure it has? Anyone have any ideas on whether it does PIP again?

So yeah those are the 3 options so any info regarding any of them that i don't have already would be greatly appriciated. Plus if anyone has any opinions on which will be best that would be great.

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