Struggling to choose/ find the Amp I'm after


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After a month of looking at various Amps I'm struggling to find what I'm after.

Requirements :
Price tag : £500-£600
Simultaneous Dual Zone output for simultaneous inputs.
Conversion from any input to HDMI or Component Output, dual HDMI out would be great.
Sub Out, NOT Pre-sub, assuming the sub on the AE in not suitable for Pre-Sub
Suitable to drive Acoustic Energy Aego T 5.1

Now I've looked at various amps including :
Denon AVR-1507, considered a little too cheap
Onkyo TX-SR674E, looks a tad dull and a review I read didn't rate it, but can get it for £299 from superfi
Pioneer VSX-2016AV, very tempting, but doesn't seem to do the dual zone thing, see forum post

After a month of looking around I just can't seems to find what I'm after. Could anyone give any advice on the above

Thanks All


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the denon 2807 does most of those things it think. can be had for around th £650 mark. great amp.


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The Denon does fit the bill, but i think you'll struggle to find dual HDMI outouts at this price point at the moment.


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WOW thanks andy just ordered the Onkyo 674E thats a great price silver only thou wanted black might but i can live with silver for that price. :thumbsup:


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No problem, it's a good price, have to say I'm very tempted to go for the 674 for £299 and free delivery, just need to check if will do simultaneous zones.


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Well, couldn't resist, for the price I think it's a steal at £299, Onkyo it is, looking at the Superfi site now, just in time too because it's back to £399.

Thanks for the responses, but price ended up winning.


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be aware that second zones are normally only able to play analogue inputs, not optical inputs....

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