Struggling to choose a projector - help!


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Jun 5, 2007
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I'm very keen to get a PJ setup in our living room.

I've included a couple of pics. One where the screen will go - will be motorised and looking at 96" - the PJ will be 350cm away and using the online calculators, I don't seem to be able to stretch to 106". I also suspect any larger than 96" and we'll be moving eyes/head to take it all in which isn't ideal.

I'm thinking a tensioned screen would be best?


The PJ will be mounted to the ceiling of the bay window. It will be more or less overhead so those PJs reported to be noisy are discounted.


Although the pics are taken in the day, the PJ is unlikely to be used during the day. Will mostly be for films and the odd sports program.

Content will be mostly 1080p and some 4K.

Roughly looking at spending £2K for PJ and screen but can go a higher if it's considered to low a budget. I've mostly been looking at Optomo, Epson and Benq.
The Optoma and Benq being DLP are usually noisier than LCD so Epson will be better but tbh your budget will need upping a bit in reality as the cheapest decent Epson would be the TW7000 (£1200). A tab tensioned screen is likely to cost as much as the pj or more and you would want an acoustically transparent screen if it's going to be in-front of your speakers.

Epson EH-TW7000

Thank you. I hadn't considered the need for an acoustic screen.

I've seen a 2nd hand Optoma UHD65 for a decent price.
Optomas are dlp so make sure you are not susceptible to rainbow effect, get a demo before hand to find out if it affects you or not.


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