Struggling - Help!!


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hello there,

A brief history - i normally take motorsport pictures but i have decided to try a few different things, including a bit of landscape. so i thought "easy" and bought a tripod and remote.

But, look at the following:


DSC_3243 by stonedcamel, on Flickr


DSC_3237 by stonedcamel, on Flickr


DSC_3219 by stonedcamel, on Flickr


DSC_3218 by stonedcamel, on Flickr

now i know they arent great, hence the thread title but i just want some help.



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You don't mention what is that you are struggle with exactly. I presume it's the difference in exposure between the land and the sky.

As usual in photography the solution involves spending more money: get yourself a ND Grad filter for best results.

Or you could use software grad filter. Lightroom has one, as well as ACR.

simon ess

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I honestly think landscape is the most difficult area of photography to get right. I really stuggle with it - but keep persisting and making some progress, I think!

As Adrian says, an ND grad helps with exposure.

After that, I believe it's all about composition; stuff like lead in lines, points of interest, etc.

Good luck with it.


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10 seconds in a program as simple as Picasa and #2 looks better - just need to think about interesting composition


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The second set is miles ahead of the first purely on content

simon ess

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not much wrong haha.... love it and thanks

I havent put them on for praise but for help and criticism to improve so thanks and it all counts for the next trip



Seriously though, I wasn't, as they say, blowing wind up your ass. As nickymarshall says, the second set is way better than the first.

Perhaps you should look at why that is.

In 6, the red poppies lead your eye into the scene.

In 8, you offer a window to the scene - a nice trick.

As I say, I'm not good at landscape, but to improve you need to recognise the elements that work and build on them.


6 is the best of the lot - as mentioned nice leading lines - 8 is also good as is 7 (if you hadn't posted 6 ;))

You can also try using a CPL to help boost the sky :)

If you've got a copy of "Understanding Exposure" have a look at it - lots of good timps about composition as well as exposure advice and a nice easy read too :)

...also have a look here

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I'm also a beginner really, but these are things I'd try:

Try to get a focal point in the picture, look up the 'rule of thirds' for help with placement (Building, monument, deralict barn etc.)

Try to avoid cluttering the scene with too many 'objects'. Photo 5 has signposts, cars, trees, bus shelter, roads, buildings and a church and people won't be sure what to look at.

The shots of fields probably have too much going on in them without any one thing having much impact.

Practice lots and go on flickr and search for landscapes to give you a good idea of what you like and try to reproduce it.

Hope I've not being too harsh and you take something away from my points :) It's a big learning curve and although I'm still pretty near the bottom, this is all stuff I've picked up in a short time!
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