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Hi, my first post here.

I am trying to find a TV bracket to fit my TV and wall, basically I have two sockets which were placed 6ft above ground in our new build house so a TV can be mounted near them. The problem is if I get a traditional flat mount then it will be virtually impossible to plug anything into the sockets as the TV will be in the way.

Does anyone have any recommendations? The two options I see is to use a tilting bracket, or to use a single cantilever type bracket and place it to the right side of the sockets as there is a stud located there (plasterboard interior wall). Or I could do the same thing with Gripit fixings and place it anywhere but I'm not sure if the plasterboard/fixings will be strong enough.

The TV is only 24 inches and weighs 4kg but I may get a bigger 32 inch Samsung which weighs around the same (and so I can maybe use a bigger bracket)?



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Welcome... and thanks - you've no idea how long I've waited to use this ! :) :D

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But, seriously... all of those suggestions sound OK. Both a tilting and cantilever bracket will give you some space behind, but a cantilever would obviously give the most adjustment.

Are you wanting to hide the sockets behind the TV ? You'd need to locate the bracket fairly precisely if so and take great care when drilling anywhere near sockets. Electricians should (in theory) use 'safe zones' for locating electrical cables which means that you should never drill either vertically above or below (and horizontally level with) an electrical fitting, but you can't always rely on this being the case, so need to take care wherever you drill.

While mounting to the studs on a plasterboard partition wall is definitely a good idea where possible, I don't think the weight of the TVs you're talking about should be too much of a problem. I have a large double radiator mounted to a plasterboard wall on my landing using the chunkiest hollow wall anchors I could find and that weighs a LOT more than even the heaviest, modern TV. The key is using a sensible amount of the appropriate fittings, to spread the load. Locating the studs if you can will always be a good idea though, especially if you plan to use a cantilever bracket which does put more stresses on the wall fittings than a flat wall-mount.

Buying a bracket which suits a larger TV would also be very sensible as it will save you future hassle if you plan to upgrade to a larger screen size in future.

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