Struggling choosing new tv 50" + Any help appreciated.


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Well Hello,

I'm here again on the trusty av forums.

I am looking for a tv to upgrade from my Sony 40" KDL Z4500 200hz which I was pretty happy with apart from the bleed issues( It's now too small for the size of our room since we have moved home.)We have sky Hd rather than using freeview.

I don't think a plasma would be suitable as it will be near French doors with allot of light.

Thank you in advance....Lisa


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I wouldn't really want to pay much more than around £2,000, but could stretch if it was an amazing tv.

Sorry about being a bit vague.

Thanks Lisa


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I went to see few tv's yesterday and managed to speak to a guy who was from panasonic in currys. I asked him about the G and V series and he said the G series has been the fastest selling. On some reviews people have pointed out the issues but its pot luck. I am also on the same boat asa you trying to decide which plasma to get. I thought about LED but talking to this guy he said if you have a bright room with alot of light then get a LED but a room which is darker get Plasma.

Im thinking of getting the Panasonic TX-50V20B which is around 1299 in currys + 5 yrs guarantee.

LED are great but are too costly and great for sports/games. The new range for panasonic is due to come out in march 2011 i was told by the guy.

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