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I'm trying to plan the purchase of a new audio system. The problem is, that I've recently moved and didn't have much choice considering a new apartment. In my opinion, it has a horrible layout for listening, but I'll be staying in it at least for a year. The room height is about 3.3 meters. I attached the pictures of the room layout below. The only reasonable place for a new system looks opposite the couch. I've marked it as a red X on the picture. The distance between speakers would be 2.5 meters, distance to the couch 2.7 meters. The window behind will have curtains. I'm actually not sure if I would prefer the system in the sleeping room, or there should be an additional smaller system too.

Considering the audio system, I've been owning an old Technics setup from the '70s including an integrated amplifier, turntable, and speakers for more than 10 years and it's time for an upgrade. Due to moving to a foreign country, I've left my old system back there. I'm mostly listening to bands and mixed genres from the '70s and '80s. It starts with Fleetwood Mac and goes till Miles Davis (actually a lot of Jazz) or something like 80's UK synth-pop or piano-compositions.

It's probably not the best time for a completely new audio system, since here in Germany audio shops are closed. But I'd like to give it a try since I can't take it anymore.

I'd like to combine speakers, an integrated amplifier, turntable, and probably a cd player/streaming device in a budget from 2000 to 3000 Euro.

I'm thankful for all your suggestions.


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Not sure what country you are in and if you can get kit shipped from UK but here my choice would be -

Arcan SR250 - built in Dirac to help with your awkward speaker placement and has a built in streamer plus enough power to drive most speakers - £900

Cambridge CXC transport - use the dac in the arcam £350

Nad C558 turntable at £400

That leaves around £1000 for some speakers which suit your ears but on my list would be -

Wharfedale Linton Heritage, Monitor Audio Silver 200, Focal Aria 906 and Kef LS50meta.

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I recently bought a NAD C558 TT and I'm very happy with it. There is also an enhanced C588 model for an extra £300:


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Not an enviable positioning sir. But able to be rescued.

A pair of these.

Or, for a slightly less scary budget...

A pair of these.

Or these.

(All priced individually).

This splendid preamp

And one of these between the preamp and speakers to deal with the room positioning.

A network streaming CD player

And the TT of your choice.

I think you’ll find this set up to be quite top class and will conquer your room problems very well.
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Alternatively, and this would be my choice.

And a pair of these.

You’d need to keep your current TT and your CD player (as a transport only) until your funds recover.

But on the positive side you’d have a genuine world class sound for life.


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Thank you for your suggestions! I'm a little bit confused. Would it be really the option to have preamp with active speakers, instead of the classical combination of integrated amp + passive speakers? Secondly, both of you are suggesting miniDSP or an amplifier with Dirac in order to solve my placement problems. How far is it necessary and how far would it leave me behind, if I didn't use one?
I am living in Germany, but ordering something from UK shouldn't be a problem.
I personally was thinking about a combination of Marantz PM6006 or PM8006 in a combination with for example with B&W 706. Would it be a safe choice? Or it would suit my apartment and my music taste?

Thanks once again!

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