Stripes 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

Russ 66

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This was on Netflix a while back.
I loved this film in my youth but I haven't seen it since. I often find 80's comedies don't age too well, maybe I should revisit it.


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Awesome film, John Candy is brilliant


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Uncle Hulka :D


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Anyone touches me ... & I’ll kill ya

lighten up Francis :rotfl:

great film !


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The parade drill scene is still one of my favourite movie scenes of all time. Brilliantly rehearsed and fun.


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I watched Anatomy of a Murder last night from this collection and it was fantastic.

So I went for this next (hadn’t seen either), pq was nice, sharp, colours popped but I just didn’t get it. A few laughs here and there, but I thought it was a pretty poor film. Bar the cast, I don’t get why this was included as a classic.

Anatomy of a murder - a good 8/10

Stripes - 5/10 at a push, not for me, felt like an extended A team episode, but with a stellar comedic cast.

Clock'd 0ne

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I have only seen Stripes and The Social Network from the collection (though I'm looking forward to enjoying all of the films, especially Taxi Driver) but it was Stripes that was the main selling point for me, I'm glad it's been done justice.

I'm surprised anyone wouldn't get it as such though, I guess it's just not your brand of humour?

I'm pretty sure the theme of this set is ego/identity and that is why Stripes is included (aside from it being a comedy classic).


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I like a good comedy, but sadly this didn't tickle me (appreciate the volume has to cater for a wide audience). Started to watch Sense and Sensibility last night, wow, those greens pop, I think I need to treat my lawn!

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