Question Strip light fail?

owen kric

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Is this the light or the starter which is failing please?

Unit flashes with a 'plink' sound every 30 seconds or so.



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Probably the starter. Had one in our kitchen with the same issue replaced the starter and it worked fine. They are not expensive :)


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No problem. :)
Edit: take your starter with you to make sure you get the correct replacement (sorry if you’ve already thought of that)


It's impossible to say.

It could actually be either.
That it is plinking suggest the starter is functioning ( but 30 seconds is slow.)

Test by substitution if possible.

But it is more likely to be the lamp I believe.


With the light switched on, turn the starter backwards and forwards, (As if you were removing it and putting it back) if the lamp comes on after 2 or 3 goes than should be just the starter. (Note if the lamp goes out when the starter is fixed in properly then again it is the starter)
If the above test does not work than it is probably the lamp. (They are not that expensive these days)


owen kric

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Thanks, had one taped to the replacement tube box from several years ago :) It was the light, when the new one went in, it came on - light again! ;)

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