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Some of the movies I watch have a horizontally stretched picture no matter what I try to do to setup the dvd. Whether I setup the DVD for 16:9 or 4:3 makes no difference. About 1 in 5 movies has this problem but it is very annoying to me. Some movies have widescreen viewing options and changing this also doesn't help. I have a Pioneer PV-434 progressive and a Sony 53HS10 (53",HD,4:3). I'm thinking about replacing the Pioneer but don't know if this will correct the problem.


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Region 1 dvd's do not switch the tv to the right aspect ratio on my setup using component connection. I dont know whether this also affects scart connected players.

It could be yours is the same?

ie if you have the tv set to wide, or one of the fill the screen modes, and insert a region 1 "fullscreen"(sigh!) version of a film, it will be stretched to fill the screen instead of displayed at the correct 4:3 ratio, with black bands each side.

Other recordings may not include the aspect ratio switch and will also have to be selected manually on the tv.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your player if it is correctly switching on 4 out of 5 films.

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