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I am just starting my investigations into a DAB radio and don't know any ins and outs etc. I have become quite attached to several internet radio stations and want to get them playing on the portable radio I will get. (Roberts Stream 205, Gemini RD-55, One Classic are the things I'm looking at).

Now my streaming internet audio will break up and need to buffer-- it's quite annoying --

So my question is this--with these radios can you set how long the buffer will be so that I can get uninterrupted music?

I'm willing to be minutes behind for uninterrupted music.



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Your post here is very confusing - at least to me. DAB has nothing to do with internet radio and by internet streaming do you mean podcasts?


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No, he means an internet streaming radio. The Roberts receives internet radio via wi-fi and ethernet and also has DAB and FM sections as well. I have the Roberts 202 Stream, which I believe is similar.

To answer the original question, I don't think you can alter the buffering time.

There are about 9 reviews of the 205 on Amazon:-

Robert Stream 205 Stereo DAB/FM: Electronics

I don't know anything about the Gemini. If the One Classic is a Pure set, be careful. I had the Evoke Flow and it stopped working after 14 months. Luckily it had a 2 year guarantee and my dealer let me swop it for the Roberts, with which I am very pleased
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No, he means an internet streaming radio. ....................
Well. you can rule the Pure One Classic out as it is DAB and FM only. It has a 'buffer' that works by 'shunting' live radio to a built in silicon memory but you can't save it and its lost when the set is switched off - so not very useful really.


You can forget the Gemini 55 too as this also will not receive internet radio.
Click here to see the Product Video


So, you are left with the Roberts 205 from your original selection..................


Or a white version...........


Now this 205 appears to be an improved version of my Stream 202. You can read my 202 thread here.

Remember - Internet radios are not the best way to listen to podcasts. :nono: Download and convert them to mp3s using this shareware program easily. You can then stream them yourself to your radio and pause then for as long as you wish. Simples. :hiya:

Yes, the buffer time is fixed by the size of the buffer. If you can buffer to an SD card then the card size is the limit but often the buffer is a built in chip. The video of the Gemini 55 says it can hold a maximum of 20 minutes of radio but I can't see anything for the Roberts.
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