Streaming Video over Thin Client


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I am looking into have three touch screen monitors installed into my flat to control home automatation as well as a few other features.
Got the idea from the IKitchen Click here The iPhone Inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project to have a look.

Instead of having 3 computers powering the 3 touchscreens I wanted to use 3 Dumb Terminals which can easily be hidden, Don't worry about the cabeling as I installed structured cabeling a few months back.

My question is. If I install a TV Video card into my server, what would the performance be like on the dumb terminals?



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What is the network connectivity like?

In all honesty, probably poor in any event. I wouldnt even like to consider it over wireless.

Try streaming a video over a VNC or RDP/TS session, and it probably wont like it - that is effectively what you would be doing.

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