Streaming via Powerline problems - help!


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Hi - help or advice here much appreciated:

I've just setup the following system using 3x Comtrend BT Powerline converters (200mbs PG902's):

Downstairs hall - master BT socket --> O2 router -> Powerline Converter
Upstairs - powerline converter --> Main PC
Downstairs lounge - powerline converter ---> XBOX 360 --> main tv

Trouble is streaming to the Xbox is rubbish - below SD, never mind HD, standards. This is confirmed by 'Tune Network' in windows media center.

All external internet is speedy and fine, just seems to be the LAN.

Logging into the powerline converters shows 'thoroughputs' of between 45mps and 135 mpbs which I think should be enough to enough to stream HD?

So - I'm stumped. Any advice or tips would be appreciated big time!

Cheers folks.:lease:


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Bitrates wouldn;t effect the resolution you get, that may be your XBox settings maybe?

If the bitrate wasn;t good enough to stream then you would get stuttering or pauses, the resolution would still be the same as the file you are trying to play?

So what are you actually seeing on the screen?

40mbps is enough for most 1080p files.


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The SD video pixalates quite frequently and often needs to pause / stutter - assuming this is re-buffering.

Any advice on how to fix this??



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Total random shots in the dark

What media server are you using ? have you tried others & does the problem persist ?

PMS is fairly popular intended for PS3 but works for 360 too.

Try updating the driver for your ethernet device on the PC.


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Thanks for this.

I've done an ethernet driver update on pc, but not tried different media servers - I'll give it a bash and report back, cheers.

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