Streaming TV; convenience over quality?


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It's clear to see there are a lot of streaming services being launched over the next 12-18 months, even Sky is looking to offer it's complete satellite package over the internet. The recent news from OFCOM underlines how popular streaming services are, but does this mean a future of lower quality "broadcasts"? Are we now looking at video going the way music did when the MP3 first appeared; convenience over quality?

Not everyone is bothered about home cinema, UHD, Atmos, etc, etc, but for those of us who are, how do you feel about having to feed your system an increasing amount of streaming media? In order to get the very best from any of these platforms you're going to need a fast stable net connection but if more and more streaming options appear, will that impact the UK infrastructures ability to meet demand?

I subscribe to Sky Q, so can enjoy UHD broadcasts in Dolby Atmos at the click of a button (and HDR is on the way), but the recent BBC trial demonstrated how hard that will be online. In order to compete with niche streaming services, will broadcasters like Sky and BT, who typically push new technology, fall out of favour and therefore, for the likes of us enthusiasts, will we see a drop in quality as tv shifts online?

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