Streaming TS to deinterlacing Xbox 360 issues

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by 2scoops, Mar 18, 2006.

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    I'm trying to stream TS HD files 1080 to my XBox 360 over a cat5 cabled lan. The video files are interlaced, i've installed HDTVpump and Cyberlink PowerDVD activex9c etc. The files play back fine (although interlaced) on my pc when deinterlacing is switched off, when i turn deinterlacing on the pc grinds to a halt (Athlon XP 3200 512mb 400mhz ram 6800 Geforce). Hardware acceleration is switched on.

    So with deinterlacing switched off i connect via media center on the 360 to my PC, unfortunately the videos have stuttery playback (no audio issues though), resource manager says everything is fine on the PC CPU 20%, plenty of ram, no network issues etc. Now i think the problem is probably with the LCD 32 Samsung HD TV i have, i think it video processor is stuggling with the interlaced picture my 360 is giving it to process. Therefore whats the solution, buy a better CPU that can handle the deinterlacing or is there some hardware that i can buy for my pc that will handle the deinterlacing for the CPU? Or is there a software solution, to convert the files before viewing

    Help please i don;t have much hair left with all this pulling!

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