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Streaming to PS3 using VLC

Discussion in 'Playstation - PS3, PS2, PS1 & PSP Forum' started by SkippyDoo, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. SkippyDoo

    SkippyDoo Guest



    I have used VLC for a long time now due it to handling any file format with ease..sometimes when I play an .avi on WMP11...I only hear sound...but when I use VLC...the both come up..

    I was then thinking if a file is only playings the music on WMP...will it do the same on the PS3?

    I wanted to ask I looked on VLC regarding streaming files....


    Could we set the PS3 to use this?

  2. Stephen Neal

    Stephen Neal Well-known Member

    Mar 29, 2003
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    WMP and VLC use different techniques to replay files.

    VLC has all the codecs required for the files it plays incorporated in the application - so when you install VLC you get support for all the files it plays.

    WMP is different, in that in a default Windows installation it only has relatively limited support for various codecs (and it is important to remember that AVI isn't a codec itself, it is a wrapper for all sorts of different codecs), and for WMP to replay a wide range of codecs you have to install a whole bunch of codecs separately, otherwise you get audio but not video.

    HOWEVER - streaming to the PS3 using WMP is not the same as replaying on the PC using WMP - as within WMP the file is just "served" to the PS3, not replayed and converted on the PC.

    AIUI VLC doesn't currently support the UPnp/DLNA streaming that the PS3 supports, as they operate quite a bit differently. (The PS3 expects to be able to chose a file FROM a list and then stream it, VLC expects to stream a single file chosen on the PC TO a destination?) However if VLC could be persuaded to work in a compatible manner, and the PC had enough grunt to transcode to MPEG2 or H264 in real-time it would be a solution - just as MediaHome and TVersity are...

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