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I have used VLC for a long time now due it to handling any file format with ease..sometimes when I play an .avi on WMP11...I only hear sound...but when I use VLC...the both come up..

I was then thinking if a file is only playings the music on WMP...will it do the same on the PS3?

I wanted to ask I looked on VLC regarding streaming files....

Could we set the PS3 to use this?


Stephen Neal

Distinguished Member
WMP and VLC use different techniques to replay files.

VLC has all the codecs required for the files it plays incorporated in the application - so when you install VLC you get support for all the files it plays.

WMP is different, in that in a default Windows installation it only has relatively limited support for various codecs (and it is important to remember that AVI isn't a codec itself, it is a wrapper for all sorts of different codecs), and for WMP to replay a wide range of codecs you have to install a whole bunch of codecs separately, otherwise you get audio but not video.

HOWEVER - streaming to the PS3 using WMP is not the same as replaying on the PC using WMP - as within WMP the file is just "served" to the PS3, not replayed and converted on the PC.

AIUI VLC doesn't currently support the UPnp/DLNA streaming that the PS3 supports, as they operate quite a bit differently. (The PS3 expects to be able to chose a file FROM a list and then stream it, VLC expects to stream a single file chosen on the PC TO a destination?) However if VLC could be persuaded to work in a compatible manner, and the PC had enough grunt to transcode to MPEG2 or H264 in real-time it would be a solution - just as MediaHome and TVersity are...

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