Streaming Podcasts to Echo devices as opposed to Google Devices


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Right now, I don't see how this is done in a simple fashion, but I'm hoping someone here can explain.
As it seems nuts to think Amazon Echo's can't work with Podcast Apps like Google smart speaker can.

I have a few Amazon Echo's and even more Google Homes. Pretty much one in every room almost!

I also love to listen to Podcasts, generally via the very long running, and still pretty much regarded as one of, if not the best Podcasting app PocketCasts.
I also have a sub to CastBox, which is very close, so they are about the same.

On both these excellent podcasting applications. I select which podcast I want to listen to, hit the CAST icon, on my PC, Phone, Tablet and I can then send (cast) the audo to either 1 specific Google Speaker, or any set of Google speakers I have set up in a speaker group.

So, simple question............ How do I do the same from my Podcast apps using Amazon Echo speakers?


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Seems like most thing related to audio playback, the Echo system is a bit crap.

There's a Pocket Casts skill you can enable but that only seems to allow you to play what's "Up next", scheduled in the Pocket Casts app.

Theoretically you can also use TuneIn from the Alexa app but that only seems to work by laboriously browsing. The search doesn't seem to work as it craps out to the previous screen if you enter more than one or two characters in either the Android or iOS version.

And because TuneIn is a default embedded skill that you can't sign into in Alexa, you can't use favourites in the TuneIn app either. as there's no link to your account.

That's as far as I ever got because as I said at the outset, so much of Alexa is crap that it's easy to accept that this element is too.

But this might be better asked in the Alexa thread in GC. There are loads of other podcast skills so maybe one of them actually works?
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