Streaming music from PC to AV Receiver


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hi, i've spent a couple of hours reading threads on the forum. what i'm ultimately looking for is the ability to play pc-stored music on my avr, and control it with my android phone. (i've downloaded gmote for the android which is great, it lets me select music from my pc and play it either through the pc speakers or on the phone.)

what i've learnt is that i need an apple air express but one that works on a pc and android.

i came across the one for all sv1740 but doesn't seem to be available any more.

i've got an azur 540r, pc running win7, android phone. budget is small, when you consider that an sv1740 could have done the job @ £18 had it still been available.

i want to run it all without having the tv on, thus my games consoles are no help.

thanks, kris


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I'd suggest a used Squeezebox Classic (aka SB3) from Ebay, about £80. There's a free Android app to control it
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