Streaming Media From Your Mac Just Got Better

thats cool.-

i wish there was a third party app that allowed windows users to do this. i cant stream itunes music (even my own cds ripped to itunes) via windows connect.

Thank Apple and Microsoft for proprietry standards. Now bend over while we enter the BlueRay HD DVD fiasco!

Edit: Sorry, kicks soap box back under desk and thinks of something usefull to say.
well cant be long till they get video streaming nailed.
colinwheeler said:
Thank Apple and Microsoft for proprietry standards.

To be fair to Apple, AAC is not a proprietry standard, it's open. For whatever reason, Microsoft didn't include support for AAC in Windows Media Connect.
And so is WMA and Apple did not provide support for it on thier players:D

Anyway, if you want support for AAC on WMP and thus through the streaming option you just need to get the codec for WMP right? Hmmm, I don't think Apple have made one of those available.:rolleyes: Sigh, not so open then.
Just to add the extra 2pence - Flip for Mac will let you play WMV clips via quicktime - but it will not cope with the HD versions!
Shame - may be some time soon!
Flip for Mac will now play WMV-HD
Is this the only software available for the MAC to stream media ?

Looks really good but I really want to stream video.

Cowden_harley said:
yep. But there is pc software I imagine also.

Don't have a PC.

Currently have an XBOX running XBMC and stream everything possible from my MAC and would love to do the same thing with a 360 but no point at the mo unless it's possible

Flip for Mac, like I said will now play WMV HD clips (Although I can't confirm this 100% as my mini is not up to the job of playing those files).
I think the issue is the fact that is nothing to stream the files (video) over to the 360 from the mac.
How will that help exactley ?

How will flip for mac allow me to stream videos to an Xbox 360 ?

Do you know what Flip for Mac is ?

sorry i assumed you could stream video to mac via this flip program as i only use connect

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