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I use an Intel SS4000 NAS to store all of my home media on and up until now it’s been great. Its configuration is 4 x 400GB RAID 5 and connected to a 1Gb switch.
I have 5 PC’s in the house and I can stream individual DVD’s from the NAS to each PC simultaneously with no problems (Using WinDVD on each PC) but when I try to stream a ripped HDDVD to just one PC it stutters like anything.
Surely if this NAS can stream five ordinary DVD’s simultaneously it should have enough data throughput to stream just one HDDVD (assuming 5 x DVD’s is about 30Mbs and one HDDVD is about 20Mbs)?
One theory I have is that I am using Cyberlink’s PowerDVD to view HDDVD material and I wonder if this program isn’t as good at streaming from a NAS as WinDVD? (It does stream standard DVD’s ok).
If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d appreciate it. Thanks.
BTW, Streaming HDDVD from the local hard disk is fine.


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I can't play from directory HD-DVD from a mapped RAID3 drive over a gigabit network but I can from a USB2 attached drive, and of course from the USB2 attached HD-DVD drive. Like you I feel that it should ... but it doesn't.



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I can stream HD-dvds and BluRay over a 100MB 4 port router from one PC to another, even while downloading a 3.75Mbps on a 4Mps NTL connection. The hard disk is a 500GB SATA in a USB2 enclosure (it is connected via USB2 at moment but wil be re-used if/when i build server).

However you can not stream a HD-dvd with Power DVD v7.3 via a simple disk share but you can via a UNC mapped drive letter.

I had to upgrade my CPU from a 3500+ to a X2 4600+ to get rid of HD-dvd stutter. What is your CPU speed?


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What is your CPU speed?

X2 4600+. It has no problem playing HD from the local HDD. I'm guessing it must have something to do with the RAID 5 performance of my Intel NAS, but as I said before it doesn't make sense because this NAS can stream five DVD's at once without problems and these must surely have a combined data throughput equal or greater to than one HDDVD?
BTW, I have setup my Intel NAS with mapped drives on each PC so that PowerDVD can use them.


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ave u tried differrent software?

I used to use WinDVD until I required HDDVD playback but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that PowerDVD is the only product out there at the moment that can play HDDVD.
PowerDVD does stream regular DVD's from the NAS without problems, although I haven't tried streaming more than one PC at a time using PowerDVD (The five at once test was using WinDVD).


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Are you running NFS on the NAS or is it SMB/Cifs ? I have heard people running into problems with smb shares as its slower than NFS


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NFS Network File System which is unix based. Its faster than samba shares. Looking at the manual there it seems you can add windows users and linux user when you configure it. You would need a NFS client running on the windows pc though.


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Stories like this make me think that iSCSI targets for home use are in our near future.

Vista already has the iSCSI initiator built into it. At least the business versions do.

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