Streaming HD content from PC to TV - help!

Deep Joy

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Hi Folks, ive got one of these problems that every lead I follow seems to end in a dead end.

I have downloaded HD content on my PC (non media centre, just a PC) and I would like to watch it on my TV. Its a TS file.

I have an HD ready TV. and xbox360 with HDDVD add on player.

What do I need to achieve this?

Apologies if I havent placed this question in the right place.

Regards, and happy Easter,



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if you want to see a ts file use videolan on your computer.
and if you want to see it with your dvd player you must first transcode it with HDTVtoMPEG2 and use the mpeg2 file with a authoring software before your burn it like dvdlab


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A .TS is basically a capture of a MPEG2 satellite broadcast, they are usualy 1080i USA OAR. With HDTV2MPEG you remove the extra TS information and leaves it as MPEG2, alternatively you can just rename it with .mpeg and WMP10 should play it ok.

You can install HDTVpump which is a plugin for WMP10 and it will play it directly.

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