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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Noggin1980, Oct 17, 2005.

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    Hi, I wonder if you can help. I'm not sure im in the right forum but I've read alot of posts on streaming to a showcenter here and this is a similar query.

    I'm really loving my PV500 and the new xbox 360's ability to stream media to a TV has got me thinking.

    We have a couple of hundred DVD's that were left to us in a will, we used to watch them alot untill we decorated the room, now there is no where for them to go and so they don't get watched.

    I have an old 2Ghz P4 Pc and was hopeing to get a big harddrive in it, copy all the DVD's to the PC and hook it up to the xbox 360 so that we could watch all our movies without worrying about the discs. I'm aware that its currently unknown if windows xp will be able to do this, so I may have to get windows media center or wait for Windows vista if you can't buy media center edition.

    Never the less its alot of DVD's to copy so I'd like to start now even if it will be months till its useable and I'll be able to download some nice HD content for me to view too :)

    I have a few questions if I may?

    1) will a 2GHz PC that is doing nothing else be powerfull enough to do this with? Particually with playing downloaded HD content?

    2) what sort of size are films when they have been ripped to the PC from a DVD? are they about 4gig for a 3 hour film?

    3) What format would I need to rip the DVD too? will I run into copy protection problems? is there any software that is recommended for me to do this with?

    4) If I was to compress the film with MPEG encodeing or something similar (I have no idea never done this before) will the quality still look DVD quality (or at least near) on a 42"inch screen? and would this make the 2GHz PC too slow?

    5) is it a bad idea to put a PC in a cupboard with no monitor or anything attached to it, would I likely run into overheating problems?

    any other info would be great too.

    Thanks alot.

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