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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I just can't get this to work. I've followed all the instructions from the Microsoft site, downloaded the necessary software etc. set Media Player 11 to Media Sharing but my PC still isn't recognised. Could it be that my PC is just to old and not up to the task? I can provide more tech info. if people feel that they can help and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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does wmp11 recognise the 360?

best thing i have found to do is download twonkyvision. easy to setup and 360 finds it no bother! :smashin:


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Yeah, WMP 11 recognises the 360 without a problem. What's twonkyvision and how does it work?
This might help! You have the same thing I had for a while pc would see 360, 360 would see nothing!

I don't really do these things but I have decided I would share my happiness with the rest of the forum. I have now finally got WMP11 working with my 360. :smashin: For anyone out there who is having problems try the following to see if this helps.

If anyone remembers a while ago the wonderful uPnP issue with xp.

+ The above has now been fixed in service pack 2. :smashin:

Well due to this I stopped the uPnP service and removed dll service as well.:suicide:

So after working out that the uPnP was duff, I found out in order to get this back all you need to do is.

regsvr32 upnphost.dll

That installs the uPnP service again. Your now falling a sleep!!!!

Why is this mad man talking about doing this, well I found out that the following services are all controlled and needed in order to stream to your 360.

+ SSDP Discovery Service
+ Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
+ Universal Plug and Play Device Host

I found this out by using the event viewer (Tip clear the system section and then you can easy read what happens when you start each service.)

Also when you enable the share feature in wmp11 it will force the service to start again, if this is not working you will get an error in the event viewer.

After doing all the above I started my 360 and low and behold wmp11 is not working perfectly with my 360. :clap:

I take it all back...........:clap:

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