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I have an aging xbox 360 that im using as a dvd player in a second room. in the past ive tried streaming from my nas but couldn't, think you needed a gold membership at the time.
has that changed with the xbox one?
all my movies and music are stored on my NAS and Ive got a bit of a hankering for gaming again so would consider a new console if it could do both.



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Yes is the short answer.

The Xbox 360 didn't require Xbox Live Gold in this context it was just extremely limited in what it could play which meant you needed a media server with transcoding capabilities (converts video in real time). This typically meant a PC running media server software as the vast majority of commercial NAS don't have this feature because it require a lot of processing power.

Though that has changed in recent years, Synology Play series NAS have a transcoder built into their stock media server that ships out of the box.

The Xbox One stock media player is better than the old Xbox 360 one with more media support so in general you don't need a transcoding capable media server. Also because the X1 has an app store you can use alternate media players which have even better media support like VLC which can play media not just from DLNA media server but from NAS shared folders as well.
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