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My old man is moving into a new house soon and annoyingly, there's only a few RF aerial TV sockets in the house. None in the bedrooms or kitchen and so he was wondering how to go about watching TV there.
Streaming off the public services is possible, but a pain. He's never been able to get C4 working, etc.
So I've been looking at implementing a TV head end streaming services over the home WiFi for any client to then be able to watch.
First thought that came to mind was to use something like a Raspberry Pi and get a few USB DVB-T2 receivers / HAT to allow you to tune into multiple multiplexes at the same time ensuring no-one would be fighting to watch their channel. Of course, doing this opens up all kinds of PVR possiblities too.
He could then get a few media clients, maybe some RPis running Kodi or similar and plug into TV.
So has anyone done this? I haven't researched much yet, but maybe there's a ready-made commercial solution that offers this without having to faff around with setting it all up?
Do any TVs offer this natively? Many offer the public platforms (iPlayer, ITV on Demand, C4, etc) but what about connecting / supporting normal IPTV stuff via RSTP streams?
Not interested in Sky or other subscription-based solutions.
So, thoughts?


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Thanks, looks like an interesting option.


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HD Homerun Connect is an interesting option too, you can get a 2 or 4 tuner device so can watch tv simultaneously on 2 or 4 devices , it plugs into your Ariel, and then plugs into your network.

Can then use a Rasperry Pi as a client, or I think they also do an App for some smart TVs


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The Humax Aura will do what you want.


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