Streamer and DAC upgrade


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My current system is:

Kef R7 speakers
Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated amp
Sonos Connect (S1 version)

Additionally, the optical output from a Sony OLED TV goes into the Arcam.

I'd like to upgrade my system - I have no real issues other than the Sonos streamer being outdated and a general feeling that the source and DAC are outclassed by the speakers and amp.

I was considering:

NAD C658 - my room is relatively small and the Dirac room correction might help keep the big speakers tamed
RME ADI-2 FS + BlueSound Node - I already have a Powenode in another room and the software/UI is pretty good.
Anything else anyone could suggest

In both cases I'd probably want to keep using the pre-amp part of the Roksan integrated. I presume that's not a problem?

Music is a very wide mix of rock, electronica and a bit of classical and comes from a FLAC library on my NAS and Spotify (although may consider Tidal with a better streamer)

Any advice gratefully received - I've watched these forums for several years without subscribing and I've learned some very useful things

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I have to confess having no experience of Sonos or the Arcam IRDAC but I’ve been a very happy owner of a Raspberry Pi4 streamer (with co-ax output board) and a Schiit DAC (initially Modi 3, now Modius).
Picking up on your comment on room correction, I’d be lost without the Parametric Equaliser in Moode (the software I use on the Pi).
Plenty of reasons why the Pi might not be suitable (can look a bit DIY, needs some initial setup, etc).
Main reason for buying (other than SQ) would be price.


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I enjoy music videos though the tidal app on an apple tv device.

£10/month for cd quality sounds good to me.


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