Streamer amplifier that has speaker connections?


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I’d keep it simple and of high quality.

This would be an excellent amp.

And this Bluetooth device.

I’d say it’s as good as Spotify will get (and that’s pretty good) and the MF will easily get the best from your speakers.


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If you’d like to keep the budget down a bit, then this would do a good job too; with the same ifi Air Blue.



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Thank you to everyone for their contributions and recommendations. After reading them all and adding a lot off googling based on your advice I decided to do the following first before spending a lot more to see if I was happy with the sound.

I opted for the iFi Zen Air Blue connected to my old Sony AV Reciever DA2400ES playing through my Kef Q55.2 Floorstanders.
My rationale was that other than the cost to buy the iFi there would be no further outlay. If I wasn't happy with the sound I would go look at the other options you gave me.

On opening the iFi Zen Air Blue first impressions were aesthetically positive. This soon turned to frustration when the power lead was USB!!!! My Sony has no USB! I found an old USB mains adapter and used that but the lead is very short! I just wanted to connect it all up to see if I was happy.

My next problem was I connected the iFi to my receiver via phono as I had read. This sounded appalling. After some logical thinking, I tried it to the CD phono connection (thinking digital) and it worked perfectly.

Connecting the iFi to my iPad and Spotify via Bluetooth was extremely simple and quick.

As for the sound quality I'm delighted with it. I was prepared to spend up to £1000 to make use of my Q55.2s as although they are 20 years old this year! They hold a lot of memories for my wife and I.
I recall walking into a HiFi shop wanting to buy a good set of speakers and we heard music playing in the shop through the Q55.2s and bought them instantly and never regretted it. However, due to moving to a different AV set up the amp and speakers were stored.

So thank you AVF community you have come up with the goods again.


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Sounds good 👍 a good quality Bluetooth thingy really can resurrect an old hifi.

Do you mean you connected it to the input marked ‘phono’ on the amp 😳

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