Stream from Buffalo USB to TV


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I've just bought a Buffalo Airstation that has a USB port on it for powering a NAS (or any type of USB storage/device).

Primarily it was to give me access to music for my Sonos without having to put my laptop on. The idea was to load the music on to a large USB stick.

However, I'm now wondering how I might be able to stream video from this USB port to my TV (and old CRT Panasonic). At the TV end I can see I'll need something that will allow me to browse my video library and then route the signal to the TV (or via the surround sound amp, or V+ box, or DVD player).

Any thoughts?




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WDTV Live, it has a composite video output so connect it that way to your TV (if your TV has component use that instead). The WDTV Live has wireless built in, to reach the Airstation USB hard drive, go into videos, select change source and browse via network servers, you should see the NAS listed and be able to play media from that.

The WDTV Live can actually do the same thing the Airstation does with USB hard drives sharing it over the network.
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