Streaking/smearing horizontal lines

Timmie Boy

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I bought my daughter a Bush DVD142TV 14" TV/DVD combination sets.
Cost me £220 (with teletext!)
Now I knew the DVD picture wouldn't be as good as my Pioneer 626D, but I was dissappointed to see some very bad left to right smearing on dark backgrounds with faint light sources, i.e. candles, lights, etc. (Lord of the Rings shows this up quite well)
Would any of you guys say that was a faulty unit or is that what you get for £200! these days?


I think the effect you describe is called harmonic streaking,I used to get a similar thing on my old 24"Sony and from what I gather theres not a lot that can be done as it isnt a fault as such.

Timmie Boy

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Don't need to!
I popped in the region 1 version of Grease and it automatically played it!
The smearing can be toned down a bit if you reduce the brightness and increase the contrast.
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