STRDB790 Bass management ?


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I currently have a Yamaha DSP595a. I am thinking of changing to the Sony STRDB790.
However the yamahas has the ability to set the Front speakers to LARGE and still route their bass to the sub.

Having downloaded the sony manual it appears the above amp cant do this
Am i correct because if thats the case I would not buy it.


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From fiddling around with the setup menus...

With :
Subwoofer set to off the only option for the front speakers is Large
Subwoofer set to on the front speakers are selectable as Large or Small.

I've not got a Sub so can't let my ears back this up yet.


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I think it confirms what i thought
just have to take this in to consideration

I expect ill get the Sony.
Just checking out the Denon 1604 and Yamaha DSPAX640SE first

Ta CSX:smashin:


It is possible to alter the crossover frequency, but IIRC only if front speakers are set to SMALL


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The sub channel is still being outputted when the front speakers are set to 'large'

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