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So I always notice these "official strategy guides" being sold and wonder to myself if anyone actually buys these things.

So, have any of you ever bought any of these and for what games...
Also, were they any good and if so do you think it was worth it?


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not really unless it came free with the game,
i just uploaded the gta one if ur after that, have some from other games...........


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Ooh, if anyone has the "semi" official GTA one that'd be great. Was stood in HMV yesterday for 30 minutes flicking thru it, so if someone has a PDF or whatever please can you send me a link?

Chars like enit ;)

xox Godders xox

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If you're a completist and want to find every secret and complete every game 100% then they're invaluable but as has already been said all the info in a guide can be found on the intenet these days.

The only guide I have is for oblivion, got it for £6-7 second hand and seeing as it's abnout 3 inches thick that's pretty good value! It's good for checking stuff without having to fire up the laptop.

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I bought the one for Condemned 2 the other day, no particular reason why as I already new the places online to look for the info anyway :suicide:. On 2 of the levels it is missing an investigation so you cant get a perfect rating with it anyway :eek: and this is the official Prima one.


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The quality of guides has gone really downhill. The last few Prima guides that I looked at were plain wrong or misleading in several places.

The only one that I have was Blue Dragon, which is actually very good, but again not quite there. I guess the timeline on printing the guides can't account for last minute changes on the actual games.


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Don't tend to use them myself and I don't know what posessed me to get the GTA one but its been invaluable.

Like others have said, just about everything is on the net somewhere - x360a, IGN, Gamespot etc, but a good guide saves you have the computer on at the same time...

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