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Strategy Game Suggestions

Dan 800

Standard Member
Just wondering if anyone could suggest any good PC strategy games. I usually play console games so im not up to speed with the best PC games. I aint got a gaming pc bt my laptop is rather new. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks


Distinguished Member
Total War series.

Steam have got a weekend offer at the mo, where you can pre-order Empire Total War for 60 euros, and get Rome and Medieval plus expansions with it.... Pretty good deal.

Of course, you also have Civilization, that is a top turn based strategy game.

If you are more after RTS, I would recommend, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, Warhammer Dawn of War series or Homeworld 2..... depending on what your taste of graphics are.


Distinguished Member
If you are after serious strategy, go for Civ II or IV, ok Civ II might be older but it kept things clean and simple in respect to letting you concentrate on what you were doing. Also consider getting Pharaoh and its Cleopatra Expansion. Again its deceptively simple in respect to what can be done, but some of the later missions will tax your logistical ability and there are some great sandbox maps that were created by the community.

For some fun try Populous: The Beginning, a great older title thats RTS based and damn fun to play as well as needing a bit of intelligence to do it well.

Also Emperor:Battle for Dune, a C&C clone that was very well done especially if you download some mod patches for it before you play. Again an older title but one that works for strategy nuts who like a bit of fun as well.

Then move forward several years to the ones mentioned about, Total War series, Supreme Commander, Dawn of War etc.


Standard Member
Oh, just to add to my previous post, you might also like to take a look at another free and open source game Battle for Wesnoth:
Battle for Wesnoth

This and FreeCiv should be enough to take up any free time you have :)


Standard Member
I would suggest the following:

- C & C series (red alert, tiberian and generals)
- WarCraft III (with addons)
- StarCraft I & II
- Rise of Nations



Standard Member
C+C series is gold, definite recommendation.

Dawn of War series is good fun.

Age of empires is good if you want a period flavor to the game.

Company of heroes for the obligatory WW2 setting game.

All great games, so little time... who the hell invented sleep :mad:

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