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apologies to all if there is a Stranglehold Play & Help somewhere, I did a search but couldn't see one.....

...I picked this up cheap the other day and have been playing through and think that i'm very close to the end of the game, has been easy so far - I think i am on the very last level and have gotten to what must be the very last stand off (where there are a few people stood really close with pistols & chow has to shoot them in slow mo whilst ducking left or right) and just can't do the blooming thing!:suicide::suicide: I've even tried reducing the difficulty to the equivilent of easy and still no luck....

Would be grateful for any tips etc?


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Don't remember that bit, However, in the later standoffs I'd lean one way before they fired, then the other as soon as they'd pulled the trigger to give me more room to avoid the bullet.
Make sure you get a good hit on each target as it's presented to avoid dragging the stand off out too much. Oh, and make use of environment kills whenever you can.

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cheers Codehead....Will keep an eye out for environmental kills, not had to use that so far as all the others have seemed ok... this one just seems to flick between the people too quick for my slow reactions!

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Yeah there are a few of them on the last stand off, but if you can remember how close they can get at certain points you'll know which ones require more effort early on to avoid time wasting.

Like Codehead said, move in one direction from the off meaning they will fire the bullet in that direction, allowing you to move in the opposite and hit them between the eyes!

The battle you have to come after is in my opinion the hardest of the game.

Good luck


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Did the stand off first time last night.Must have been doing a good impression of some kind of chump the first 30 times I tried it!!:suicide:

Did the last battle first time too, but was on easy! May go back and do in on normal later on, but going to collect some style points first to unlock all the stuff and get some easy gamer points!

Cheers for help all...:thumbsup:

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