strange xp home question


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Hi everyone,

Strange one this - my dads pc froze during the screen saver and the only way to get the pc back was to reset. Now all the text is unreadable under the icons and most other places. We tried another profile - still the same and have removed the nvidia driver so only the standard vga driver is used. But still the scrambled text remains. The pc is virus clean and behind a firewall so i do not believe its a virus.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's a bit difficult trying to talk him through over the phone if you cannot read anything.....

The last thing we want to do is rebuild.



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Has it set the monitor to a refresh rate that it can't handle ? Do you have access to another monitor to rule that out ?
It does sound more like a graphics card problem to be honest though. It may be worth opening up the case (whilst powered down and unplugged from the mains!) and just try reseating the major components.


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cheers johng but we have already ruled out the refresh rate. I will get him to check and reseat the card. thanks mate
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