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Strange wall mount question when upgrading from a 42" PWD7 to a 50" PH9


Active Member
This may look like a strange question but bear with me .....

I currently have a 42" Panasonic PW7 which is wall mounted flush in a recess as you can see below.


I'm currently very tempted by AV-Sales offer on the 50" PH9 and unusally for me I planned ahead & made sure I allowed enough space for the size upgrade in the future.

I know I can use the same slimline wall mount (supplied by AV-Sales)for both screens but I'm hoping someone might have done the same upgrade as it would be really helpful to know if the PH9 fits centally on the wall mount ie just increasing the size all the way round or will it sit off centre in my hole & need the wall mount moving ??

Ok so it is a strange question :rolleyes: (& I'll find out once I try & hang the new screen on the existing mount) but if anyone could help I'd be grateful :)




Well-known Member
You'll know if you take the PW7 off the mount and looking at it.
I imagine the mount has width adjustment, so all that'd happen is the panel arms would be splayed out a bit wider than they are currently.

Nice set-up btw, but can't say I'm mad keen on the colour of the sofa - although one saving grace is the curtains look alright. So that sort of makes up for it....... :D


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I'm hoping side to side won't be a problem, it's height that I wonder might be the issue as I've got this mount ....

Oh & glad you like the curtains lol :rotfl:


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Oh I see now the potential issue.
Not sure it will be equal all round.

Oh and I never said I liked the curtains, only that they were okay. ;)


Active Member
I like the curtains and the colour of the sofa.
It looks like my living room and as i want my plasma to look like. When i put mine on the wall it will be a bit lower though. Centre of the screen at eye height when your sitting down is what i read is the correct position for the display.


Active Member
I did have my screen at eye level but definately prefer it now :)
And you better go careful, you'll start to hurt my curtains feelings (as well as my sofa !) lol

Anyway .... has anyone out there upgraded from a 42 panny with this mount to a 50" ???


Active Member
Well I think I've managed to answer my own question ....

After looking through some of my photo's of the false wall build, I can see that it fortunately does appear to sit dead central to the screen :thumbsup:

(oh & there was no sign of my curtains or sofa btw :clown: )


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