Strange sounds from my Tag


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I have a AVR32 7.1

It has worked fine for many months since I purchased it 2nd hand of this forum but something strange has occured in the last few days.

It started when watching Sky + which is hookd up via the s-vid and optical inputs.
I began to loose the sound form the broadcast and have it replaced by a weird pulsing and wooshing noise.
Its very hard to describe in words but I can only compare it to the sounds in the movie "Contact".
I thought it was either the optical output on the Sky + box or the cable itself but I have eliminated this because the noise also occurs when my son plays the PS2 which also happens to be hooked up via the other optical input on the Tag.

I can therefore only conclude that something deeply disturbing ( and expensive!!!) has happened to my optical inputs.
There is nothing wrong with the coax side of things (DVD and CD).

Has anyone heard of this problem or could offer some advice.
I only want to send it to Tag as a last resort.

If you need any further info please ask.

Many thanks



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Originally posted by Stereo Steve
I would hold off sending it to Tag (or whoever) for a bit until we know what the situation is.

Hi Steve,

This may sound dense, but what situation. I must have missed something,




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Just to let anyone know who may be interested:

I spoke to Tag helpline and they say that the inputs are overloading due to a memory failure.
He didn't sound at all surprised about the problem which makes me suspect that it is a common fault.

Apparantly the software is unable to retain the settings for the input sensitivity and it hops about whilst viewing resulting in a terrible noise.
The remedy will be to flash the memory (not firmware)
I have been told not to expect a go ahead to return it for at least two weeks while they relocate workshops,staff etc.

It sounds like it will cost me more in carriage than labour to repair it
As i said above- very dissapointed that I have made a substantial investment in something that can develop such a basic fault.:thumbsdow


Originally posted by redmax

It has worked fine for many months since I purchased it 2nd hand of this forum but something strange has occured in the last few days.


Hi Mark,

As you stated yourself, you purchased the unit second hand and you've been using for sometime. Its a little unfair to blame TMA?

Incidently, if the unit was under warranty, the repair would have been free of charge.


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Sorry, don't quite see your point.

I shouldn't blame Tag for producing a product with a fault that in my opinion was no surprise to the helpline staff?
If as I believe the fault is a recognised "characteristic" of the product or indeed as is more likely a design flaw, then the repair should be done free of charge.

To use an analogy:
if I expected to spend the odd occassion on the hard shoulder then I would have no surprise when I purchase a Land Rover (statistics show very likely to suffer a breakdown) but I chose to go for the Merc (statistics show superior reliability).

Of course, as things stand I have no choice but to pay up or have a very expensive paperweight and you may even argue that things -however good- just breakdown sometimes but that is why some products are sold as "quality" with a price to match and others are sold as "standard"

All I'm saying is I thought I was buying quality but I ,through my own personal experience, now wonder.

Thats not to say that the sound I get is not great and it certainly brings enormous pleasure but it should at these prices, NOT breakdown EVER.

There rant over

:p :lesson:



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That's both a bad analogy, and a little unrealalistic - I passed the infamous broken down Ferrari Enzo on the M25 - I guess he'll be buying a Mercedes next time?


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Never had such a problem with my tag and I have always used the optical ins. You should be pleased that the person you spoke to knew exactly what the fault was, this is a sign that the staff that work for Tag know a lot about the products that they sell. With a lot of manufacturers the person on the end of the phone has to look up the answer in a manual! On the whole Tag products are very reliable, you have just been very unlucky. Their customer service is second to none. Ive even heard of people having technical support on boxing day from the head engineer!

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