Strange sound from Pioneer VSX-D912-S, please help!


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I bought my Pioneer VSX-D912-S almost 3 years ago. It's been awesome up to now.

For some strange reason when a DVD is played with either Dolby Digital or DTS the sound that is produced is very muffled and unclear. It is comparable to an old VHS tape coming through some cheap speakers. Whenever I switch to ProLogic or to basic stereo the sound is crisp and clear.

I am baffled by this. Could it be the DSP?

I eliminated other possible scenarios like a particular DVD by trying about 5, all with the same problem. I also tried the sound through my digibox and again the sound if muffled.

All cables seem fine. There is one other thing that is worth bearing in mind. Last week Predator was watched at a loud volume and about 70 minutes in the amp flashed "overheat" and switched itself off. I left it to cool down and it played my next film fine. However, I am wondering if something possibly got fried.

Any help is greatly appreciated...


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Hmmm...turns out it isn't the amp. I took it to Sevenoaks and they said the centre speaker has blown!

Does anyone know where to get Mordaunt Short spares? I am looking for the tweeter for the MS504


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