Strange SOS problem on blackberry bold


I got a bold yesterday and up until today its ran fine , then all of a sudden i got sos on the phone in an area i know there is coverage , after a battery pull i got the signal to come back for a short period of time then it went off again, now i can only get sustained coverage if i select 2g only , if i select 2G and 3G is just goes off after a while to sos and wont come back without a battery pull. i dont really understand cos yesterday it was on 2g & 3G with no problems at all.

I have a 3G enabled sim, the phone isnt barred either as i checked with the network, i have no idea what could be the problem.

I thought i might update the software version as it says im on but when i check the wireless upgrade it says no software availible .

Has anyone got any idea what could be causing these probems


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Weirdly enough this happened to my manager on Tuesday this week. He had been happily using his Bold in 3g mode since we got them in, and then I ran the 162 update and afterwards it would not connect in 3g mode at all and kept switching to SOS.
I eventually phoned O2 and they insisted that he did not have a 3g sim even though all of our sims are meant to be 3g. I thought that was a bit crazy, but gave O2 the benefit of the doubt so we took one of our 3g sims and transferred his number to it and hey presto it worked again.
I don't understand why it happened, but it did, so perhaps you should call O2 and see what they say just to be sure. Maybe something else odd has happened on their side.

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