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Question Strange signal issues!


Novice Member
Hi All,

This is odd and I wasnt sure whether to post this in console, tv or amp section!

Anyway i have a
Panasonic TX-58EX700B television
Denon x2500 AV Amp
Xbox One X

I have them rigged up so that the TV is using the ARC connection into the corresponding ARC HDMI port in the Amp. I then have the Xbox plugged into the Game HDMI port on the Amp.

I have the ARC settings on the TV all done and the power settings on the Xbox all done so that the TV turns on and off when the Amp does and the Amp turns on and off when the Xbox does.

The two HDMI cables I am using are QLED Profile eFlex high speed with ethernet.

The actual issue is that every other time I turn on the Xbox, whether its with the controller, Echo or the power button itself, everything powers up ok but there is no picture from the Xbox to the TV. I kid you not, it is every other time. I sat there for about 5 minutes turning the Xbox on and off and one time the TV would show the Xbox home page and the Amp would show 'Atmos' on the display and every other time there would be no Xbox home page, just a blank screen and the Amp would show 'surround' on the display.

Interestingly, if i power up the Xbox by pushing the button and then power up the amp by pushing the button 2 seconds later (before the xbox has sent the power up signal) it always works, it always shows the Xbox.

So, what can anyone make of tha? Its driving me nuts. I thought it was the old crappy HDMI cable I was using for the ARC connection but now I am using two very nice cables and its still happening

Any help would be fantastic, thank you and sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum but it could have gone in three different places!

Cheers All


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Well, I dont believe this but after spending I dont know how long scratching my head trying to fix this, I posted on here and them within seconds, I solved it. Well, it seems to be solved. Going to try on and off a few more times to make sure but bascially all I did was...

Set the Audio Receiver option to 'Toggle' under 'When Xbox turns on, send' option in 'Device Power Options' on the Xbox.

Ignore the fact that the 'set up cable or satellite' box is highlighted, that isnt part of it.

So if anyone else has this issue, try that :)

You can close this now if you want.



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