Strange screen flicker Fault???


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Just upgraded my TV to a plasma 3D and then realised I had to change my amp as well. Since I`ve had the amp in place I`m getting an intermittent fault. The screen will either flash snow for a fraction of a second or go completely black then reappear?
There seems to be no consistent reason for this.
For Example:
Skyfall = flickering (Blueray)
Looper = Perfect (blueray)
Clarkson Powered up = Flickering (DVD)
Prometeus 3D = Flickering
When running Sky its fine.
The source for my disks is PS3.
Any Ideas????


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54 Views and not even a suggestion? I`m guessing this is a very rare fault then?
Proven today that the fault is eliminated when the amp is taken out of the equation.
Its blatently the amp but Im hoping is a settings issue rather than a tech fault as the amp is brand new.


So you have worked out its your amp, the only suggestion i have is you nip over to the amp forum ;)
Sorry i can't help anymore.

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