Strange Ring Doorbell Issue


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Having an issue with my 2 year old Ring 3 Plus.

Connected to a Chime Pro which is no more than 3 feet from the doorbell, with only the wooden door in between them.

Good RSSI for both, good internet speed.

All works as it should, right up until the battery drops to around 50%. Then the doorbell goes offline.

The only way to get it back online is to change the battery.

I have two batteries, the one that came with it and a spare, so it’s not a massive issue to swap them over, but without constantly checking the battery level, the only time I notice it’s not working is when the notifications stop, which is fine if I’m at home, but a pain if I’m not.

Same thing with either battery, so not a battery issue.

Any ideas?


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How long does it take the fully charged battery to drop to 50%?

What features have you enabled on the doorbell (eg motion alerts etc)

Batteries are best measured in current as opposed to voltage, as this is a better representation of the remaining capacity. Unsure if Ring measures it just as voltage or current



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Depending on the amount of activity anything from 6 weeks to a couple of months or so.

It’s possible it could be the ring app mis-reporting and it is actually dead, rather than 50% which make sense.

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