Strange Problems with Freeview Signal - HELP!


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Apr 11, 2007
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Ok, just got a new lcd hdtv with built in digital tuner. We have digital already on other tv's in the house which works perfectly for most channels but some are dodgey (channel 56's i.e. itv1, 2, 3 and film 4 etc.)

However on my tv very few work, altho we hav even tried it with the same wiring that works for the other tv's. Also, channels broadcast down channel 39 for instance, 1 will work perfect and 1 will not work at all (when they should all be the same quality on the same broadcast channel)

Any1 got any suggestions>?
Ive got a similar problem, with my old tv and old set top box digital works perfectly every channel same with every other tv around the house!! but just brought a new tv with built in tuner and now it gets poor signal on a lot of channels! would a tv booster help at all???

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