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I have a Hauppauge WinTv-PVR 150 card installed in my pc which allows me to connect my 2nd xbox through my pc so i can play my xbox on my pc monitor. This should be great, but its not, on all games and even in the dashboard there is a 1-2 second delay from me pressing any button or direction to it actually responding on screen, anyone got any ideas on what could cause this? and even better, how to fix it

There is nothing wrong with the xbox or pad as i've connected to my tv downstairs and all is fine. Ideas?


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Personally I would ask the question in another part of AVForums. People more technically minded in the freeview, PC sections etc

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probably the card/pc cant keep up with the video, your better off getting a component cable with a component to VGA adaptor if you wanna play it on your monitor, its what i did


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I'd say that the card has to reprocess the image from the X-Box and perhaps this causes a delay in seeing your actions translated to the screen. It's obviously not a problem with TV as everything will still be in sync.

Just a guess but the way I see it is that the problem must be either caused by a software/driver problem or by the hardware reconverting the image. I would plump for the hardware issue but you would probably find a better answer in perhaps the HTPC part of the forums.


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Nice one guys. i didn't even think about the drivers, i'll see if there are any updated ones for it

jago - its a good i idea but its just my spare xbox so rather not splash any further cash on it

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