Strange problem with my JVC LCD TV

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I have a JVC LCD TV Model number LT-20DA6SK.

It has developed the strangest problem, which is occuring much more frequently.

I have it connected to a Panasonic DVD Recorder and a Sky Box, both connected through scart leads which automatically change it to the appropriate AV channel when switched on. However a few months ago I tried to watch a programme which was recorded on the Hard Drive of the recorder, I could see the picture but could not hear it. I stopped the recording and it obviously went back to showing the TV channel which was selected on the recorder, which I could both hear and see.

I thought no more about this as I then had to go out and the next time I tried it it was fine. This has happened a few time recently and when it does, if I turn the Sky box on there is picture but no sound. Each time the TV channel being fed through the recorder is viewable with sound and picture, suggesting that all the pins in the scart lead are functioning correctly. No matter how many times I turn the recorder on or off, this does not change. But I cannot hear any recordings either from disc or the hard drive.

I have found by experimentation the solution seems to be to unplug the TV from the electricity supply for a short while, then plug it back in, then everything is back to normal and working fine. Obviously as this is happening more and more frequently it is becoming annoying.

Has anyone got any ideas what is happening and a solution if one exists please.

Most of the time it is fine and functions as it should, but I cannot understand this at all.

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Make sure your scarts are fully pushed home,if they are not you can get the symptons you describe.


I have exactly the same problem but only when i seem to use my PS3. It has HDMI cable plugged directly into the back of the TV and the console and seems to work fine until the colours/background goes dark. (Not as in a problem, as in the part in the game where there is less light, like an in car camera or a dark background menu ect)

Just before the sound goes i get a buzzing noise like static which gets louder, then if the screens colours dont go bright within a few seconds the sound goes completely and doesnt come back unless i turn the tv off using the power button on the back of the TV, or turning it off at the plug untill the standby light goes off (turning it off on the remote does nothing, when you turn it back on still no sound!)

This is driving me crazy as when im watching a DVD the sound goes and i have to go through all this to get it back, with it lasting only for a few seconds sometimes before u get the static sound then loss of sound!!!

It may be worth noting that if the sound is ok, the sound still briefly goes if for instance you drive under a banner or tunnel in a game when the sound temperarly goes for the duration of that lack of light.....

Also if i turn on my PS3 before my TV 90% of the time i get no sound from the get go:mad:

:lease:PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!:smashin:


By the way please dont say test the HDMI cable ect as i already have, and ive also plugged my PS3 into my other JVC TV in a different room using the same equipment and it is perfect :(

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