Strange problem with Asus mobo and AOC monitor


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I'm building a pc for someone at the moment and have hit on a strange problem.
The Motherboard I'm using is a Asus M4A785TD-M Evo. I'm using the onboard graphics connected to an AOC F22 monitor.

What I always do when setting up a new system is to check everything is working fine before installing into a case. And although I did this the monitor had just arrived that day and was not supplied with a DVI cable. Rather than go digging in the mystery box of cables I just connected it using VGA. Everything worked fine and I transferred the system into the case.

Still daunted by the big box of cables I proceeded to install all the software that would be required and all went fine.

Today I waded through the cable box and got a DVI cable to connect them and this is where I hit the problem-- No display when using DVI.

It gets stranger, I immediately thought the fault was with the monitor's DVI input so I connected my office pc to it through DVI and it worked fine. So must be a fault on the mobo DVI output I thought. But when I connected it to my office monitor it worked fine too. Only thing I could think then was that there was some strange incompatibilty between the M4A785TD-M Evo and the F22. I have a media pc in the house which uses the same motherboard so I connected the monitor to it through the DVI and it works fine too :facepalm:

I'm stumped! My next step is to start afresh with the mobo back out of the case but just before I do this I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas.

HELP :lease:


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Are you getting the bios showing up and then the screen going black when windows loads or absolutely nothing?

Presumably you carried out a working test using that DVI cable? It could easily be a dud cable if you haven't.


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No not even the bios display just no signal. Checked the cable with my own set up and cable is fine.
Just tried it again a few minutes ago with both the dvi and the vga connected from mobo to F22. When I selected DVI on the monitor it says no signal and goes to stanby but when I selected VGA the display came up in extended mode. The VGA was set as monitor 2 and so no taskbar was displayed. Accessed AMD vision control centre by right clicking and it does say that 2 F22 monitors are detected.

It's getting stranger.

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