Strange problem audigy 2 - pioneer vsx d912

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by lil old me, Sep 12, 2004.

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    I just bought an audigy 2 and have had my pioneer amp for some time. I am connecting the audigy using 3 3.5mm - phono connectors into the 7.1 channel input on the back of my amp. When i first connected my amp I couldn't hear anything. So i played with the cables and accidently one of the phono connectors touched one of the outputs on my amp. I could immediatly hear the music I was playing from my pc.

    It now appears that as long as one of the phono connectors, -ve or +ve is touching an output on my amp/dvd/ntl box/tv/ then sound will play from my computer. If not then nothing happens.

    Another unusual problem is that 'touching' the phono means exactly that, I do not connect it into the female end on my amp, I have to just touch itto the outer metal part of the femal input. If i plug it in properly then it will not work.

    Can anyone help me? Either to find out why this is happening or a possible solution.


    One thing to note is that the 3.5mm - phono connectors do not run all the way to the amp....they connect half way to a JVC phono extention from dixons. Might this be making any difference?

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