Strange Problem After Firewaire Installation!!


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Dec 8, 2001
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Northern Ireland
I recently bought and installed a Firewire D-Link DRF-A3 Card in a friends PC. The installation went fine and the firewire card works perfectly except I now have a major Windows problem :(.

Basically, since installing the firewire card, my PC will no longer Shut Down. Instead it just Reboots every single time I go to Shut it down. The PC is a few years old and the basic spec is:

AMD Athlon 600
512MB Ram
Windows 98 SE

I've installed the Microsoft Shutdown supplement and made sure "FastReboot" is disabled in the registry but still no joy. D-Link don't reply to any emails either :rolleyes:. I know it's the Firewire Card because removing it makes the problem go away immediatly. Other than that, I'm at a loss.

Anyone come across this before or able to offer any advice? I work in IT Support so am pretty competant when it comes to the technical side of things. Any help at all appreciated :).

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